The core remit of Universities Caribbean from inception to present has been to foster and promote Caribbean development and integration through collaboration and partnership within and across the cultural and linguistic groups that typify Caribbean society. An assumption of this remit has been that despite differences of language and social specificity, the Caribbean is essentially a unified civilization with common historical and existential realities.

With this framework in mind, Universities Caribbean is committed to:

  • Fostering partnerships among university associations, universities and research institutes in the region and globally.
  • Developing a broad range of beneficial cooperation and exchange schemes for its members.
  • Participating in the design of a comprehensive regional policy framework.
  • Advancing the regionalization of Higher Education in the Caribbean.
  • Gaining access to funding that would have otherwise been unavailable to individual institutions.
  • Increasing mobility and trans-linguistic proficiency among students and researchers.
  • Playing a decisive role in the social and sustainable development of the region.

Universities Caribbean genuinely seeks to transcend national borders in order to generate innovative scholarship, joint programs of excellence and avant-garde research projects. Within the organization, transversal and trans-lingual research units will focus on topics that are highly significant to the Caribbean region: Ecology and Sustainable Development, Maritime Technologies, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Gender and Development Studies, Social Mobility, Cultural Memory and any other research fields relevant to the region.